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"Satisfied” debtors? We solve the apparent contradiction!

Debt collection without affecting the relationship with your customers.

It's the core values that count - but you have to live by them consistently so that they bear fruit. In personal communication – in the interaction with people. Especially in debt collection.

Our approach has always been based on fairness, proximity and reliability. Each step we take is therefore designed to bring about an amicable agreement. With the aim of finding a simple solution for all of the parties involved, which enables a quick, satisfactory conclusion of a debt collection procedure and leaves a good feeling on both sides.

Satisfied "debt collection customers" - yes, so is that possible? Yes, let's say yes and more than 70% of the debtors we interviewed say yes. We started our "coeo Experience" initiative - to increase and measure customer satisfaction - exactly one year ago and have received more than 20,000 pieces of feedback from the people who interact with us. We have learned an incredible amount from this, gaining some insights and have been able to further increase the high level of satisfaction to date.

This is how our employees, who are always supported by new technologies in their daily work, also describe our core values - fairness, proximity, reliability - in a way that debtors can experience and understand.

Sebastian Ludwig, Managing Director at coeo Inkasso sums this up as follows, "Our goal is to create a positive debt collection experience, in spite of what originally caused the awkward situation. With maximum competence in resolving the case, individual options in terms of digital communications and solutions and an exceptionally friendly approach," and he also adds: "We are there at every point of contact: digital first & customer focused.

Your contact for any questions:

coeo Inkasso GmbH
Sarah Lehmann
Head of Marketing & Public Relations
Tel.: +49 2133 2463-0