A further addition ensures a "hattrick" for coeo Inkasso

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The debt collection service provider based in Dormagen achieves an impressive result with third new customer from the energy sector.

coeo Inkasso has again been able to impress. The latest deal with a third energy supplier creates a hattrick mood and excitement in the team.

The customer basically hands over final accounts receivable from inactive customers to coeo Inkasso for collection. It is a well-known German energy supplier, which is the icing on the cake at coeo Inkasso for the second half of the year in the acquisition of new customers, not only in the key area of energy.

Sebastian Ludwig, Managing Director coeo Inkasso, is almost speechless in view of current developments: "It was clear to all of us that 2019 would be a decisive year for us due to various tenders and ongoing negotiations, and that a great opportunity would open up for us, especially in the energy sector - but we hardly dared to hope that we could achieve success like this at every level. This is just making us all so happy right now."

Strengthened by the great confidence in a collaboration, but also with the aspiration to do justice to this in every aspect of its performance, coeo Inkasso is now finally heading into the future as a leading provider of perfectly tailored collection solutions for energy suppliers on the German market.

About coeo Inkasso:
coeoInkasso stands for intelligent receivables management and combines "knowledge gained from experience" with “human and technical” competence. This is how new data-based, behaviour-oriented debt collection strategies that preserve value for our customers are constantly emerging. Specially optimised products and processes are provided throughout the entire cycle of an energy supplier. End-to-end reporting and analyses of all process stages are provided, as is an online client portal. For its clients’ customers, coeo Inkasso offers a variety of self-service alternatives with payment options and a supplementary PayPage in a modern web-based debtor portal. coeo Inkasso has always provided specially tailored collection solutions and special services to customers in the energy sector.

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