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A financial bottleneck can have many causes - coeo Inkasso will mediate between you and your creditors, i.e. the people and institutions to whom you owe money. If your creditors instruct us to do so, it is of course in our interest to settle the outstanding claim. But it is also our goal to achieve this with your agreement.

Don't hesitate, talk to us! Work with us and help us to understand your financial situation. We promise to treat you fairly and find a solution that is also acceptable to you.

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Do you have any questions about the claim or would you like to pay the claim quickly and easily? Our Service portal you a wide range of options around the clock:

The options here include

  • view what is included in the claim and payments that have already been made.
  • view original invoices for your claim (with certain creditors).
  • pay claims immediately with just a few clicks.
  • agree on an instalment payment.
  • receive further information & a video explanation of your reminder.
  • send documents to us.
  • leave a call-back request,

or exchange detailed information on your claim with us during our business hours via chat.

Please enter your personal file number and the corresponding password. It's on the letter you received from us.

If you have problems finding the right access details, the staff at our service hotline will be happy to help you.

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Frequently asked

If you have been sent a collection letter, you will have a lot of questions. We have compiled the most common ones for you here to help you find your way around initially and support you. If you have more complex questions or questions about your specific debt collection case, our service portal or a member of our hotline will be happy to help you.

Our client has made goods or services available to you against payment. So far, they have not been able to register any incoming payments. It has therefore instructed coeo Inkasso to collect the outstanding debt. Our letter details which client and which outstanding items are involved.

After being instructed by our client, we are your sole point of contact for all questions relating to outstanding claims. In the case of a payment to the client, there is a risk that this cannot be assigned correctly and that the collection actions will therefore be continued. In addition, our client's employees have been instructed to refer any queries to us.

If a customer fails to pay for a product or service that has already been provided, even after a reminder has been issued, the company often passes the case on to a specialist collection service provider. The costs incurred as a result will initially be borne by the Company itself; however, pursuant to §§ 280, 286 BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch - German Civil Code) it is entitled to claim these costs as damages from the debtor in addition to the original claim (principal claim) and the statutory default interest up to the amount stipulated in § 4 (5) RDGEG (Einführungsgesetz zum Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz - Introductory Act to the Legal Services Act).

The collection of this claim for damages is also part of the collection agency's contract. Therefore, both the principal claim and the interest on arrears and the claim for damages (collection costs) appear on your collection letter.

If you have already paid the claim specified in our letter and can provide proof of this, please contact us immediately on our service number 02133 2463-888. We will investigate your case immediately and, if payment has been duly proven, ensure that no further action is taken against you in the matter in question.

Please note that as proof we need a receipt or a copy of a payment receipt showing the amount as well as the recipient's bank details and the intended purpose. You can also send them to us electronically by using our service portal.

coeo Inkasso offers you various payment options. In addition to one-off payments, you also have the option of paying your claim in instalments or partial payments, bit by bit and flexibly according to your financial circumstances. For this you can use the instalment payment agreement attached to our letter of claim or contact our processing department by telephone using the service number 02133 2463-888. In addition, you can also request payment in instalments around the clock by using the service portal. We will be happy to advise you!

If you do not respond to our first letter, we will make further attempts to contact you. If we do not receive any response from you on this either, you should expect the court-based dunning procedure to be initiated. The longer the collection process lasts, the more costs you will incur. We therefore strongly recommend that you react at an early stage so that we can reach a quick and amicable settlement and avoid unnecessary financial burdens.

Detailed information about credit ratings (Schufa in German) and the consequences of negative Schufa entries can be found here in our service portal.

If a collection process extends to court-based dunning proceedings and enforcement, debtors must disclose all of their financial circumstances to the bailiff. The Schufa and the public register of debtors maintained by the local district courts register the submission of an asset report, in which the debtor is classified as unworthy of credit as far as possible. This can result in considerable restrictions in normal business transactions, e.g. when opening a bank account, applying for a mobile phone SIM card, ordering on the Internet or signing a rental agreement or an electricity, water or gas connection.

If your account or your wages or salary have been seized as part of a levy of execution, please contact us immediately at the service number 02133 2463-888. Our goal is a quick and fair solution to the underlying problem.

Insolvency means inability to pay. If a private individual is insolvent, they can apply for judicial consumer insolvency proceedings irrespective of their employment status. This provides the opportunity to gradually gain freedom from the accumulated debts. However, the costs of the proceedings generally need to be borne by the debtor, and the insolvency proceedings usually last for six years. As part of a phase of good behaviour it is associated with frequently having to do without and other conditions. If these are not fulfilled, any discharge from the residual debt will be refused.

Payments to coeo Inkasso should be made to the account specified in your collection letter. If you no longer have this letter, you can make payments to our account using IBAN DE39 3605 0105 0000 2071 59 (BIC: SPESDE3E).

However, it is essential that you state our file number in the intended purpose, otherwise a we cannot guarantee that your payment will be correctly allocated. If you have also lost our file number, you can request it by e-mailing kontakt@coeo-inkasso.de Please include your full name, your date of birth, your current address and the name of the company holding a claim against you. Of course, you can also make payments by immediate bank transfer, for example by using our service portal.

Find out more in our service portal or contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat.


There are also independent debt counselling offices in your area. Simply enter where you live and we will show you who you can turn to for independent advice.

Please note that after submitting your search query, you will leave our website and be directed to an external page.

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